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About Red January

RED January is a nationwide movement empowering you to get active every day to support your own mental wellbeing, and raise funds to help Sport in Mind reach and support others. 

The last few years have been difficult for many. The impact of the pandemic and the sharp rise in the cost of living is taking its toll on all of us. Before the pandemic, an estimated one in eight of us globally were living with a mental disorder, and according to WHO research, ‘the first year of the pandemic increased both anxiety and depressive disorders by 25%’. With winter already a traditionally tough time of year, made more difficult with ongoing inflation issues, these figures look likely to continue to be challenging. 

Research from the University of Oxford shows that more than half of REDers experience a significant improvement in happiness and a reduction in anxiety, and 74% report being more active than usual during the campaign, all whilst raising funds to help others in the community. 

So whether you’re already part of the RED community, or this will be your first January with us, join the thousands taking part for their mental wellbeing and set your movement goals today.

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