Our Impact

RED January is backed by leading academics, politicians and University of Oxford analysis, and builds on years of research showing that regular physical activity can play a major role in supporting people with focus, motivation, sleep, self-esteem and overall wellbeing.

“The research is clear, movement is a fantastic way to help maintain and improve our mental health. January can be a difficult month and starting with a positive intention of moving in a community for individual and societal benefit, has all of the key evidence-based ingredients to make a real difference.

The RED January campaign is the largest of its kind, which has enabled one of the largest pieces of research in this area. It is very pleasing to see the far-reaching benefits RED January has and continues to make. I would actively encourage everyone to give it a go.”

Dr Brendon Stubbs, the world’s leading researcher into movement and mental health.
Dr Brendon Stubbs portrait

Our mission

RED January leads a year-round mission to support movement and mental health projects that can drive real change in local communities. To date, the RED community has raised over £3.2 million as part of their annual challenge.

Often focused on grassroots schemes, we back projects that know and understand their local communities, and can implement longer-lasting, more effective programmes.

We believe that together we can step things up and make a difference by supporting more of these schemes. This will mean continuing to support existing projects, but also backing new groups around the country who are helping people through the challenges we’re facing.

It also means continuing to campaign for real, positive change in UK workplaces.

We’re proud to be part of a nationwide movement that keeps taking steps forward for others.

The last few years have been really tough for so many, so coming together as a nationwide community for ourselves and for others has never been more important.” 

Hannah Beecham MBE, RED January Founder

"Employers are in a unique position to positively influence change that enables employees to be more active during the day... we urge other businesses to join us in supporting their wellbeing."

Delphine Mazillier, Chief Purpose Officer at Decathlon 

"RED January is a super positive initiative and the true benefit, which is amazing for businesses and brands, is the real sense of bringing together teams for a really worthwhile outcome."

Steve Underwood, Managing Director at Bonded Agency

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