Set your RED challenge

Choose a January challenge that works for you and your lifestyle, and create habits that will support you all year round. 

To get you started, here are some ideas from your fellow REDers! 

Trying archery

Nominated by: REDer Yvonne

Goal: To shoot once a week at my local club

I took up archery over a year and a half ago and have found that the sport offers me two things: Relaxation and a Challenge. I enjoy the opportunity to work on my technique whilst also entering internal club competitions during the winter months and meeting members who are like minded and just as motivated - I always come away feeling relaxed having enjoyed the social side of the sport whilst also taking some time for me.

Yoga mornings

Nominated by: REDer Marcia

Goal: At least 10 minutes of yoga a day

Yoga once felt so inaccessible to me, until one day during the pandemic, I tried a beginners’ session using YouTube. I was in the safe space of my home, no one was watching, and it did not matter if I didn’t get it right at the time.  

Well, it was just amazing. I could see on my activity watch that the gentle twisting and stretching raised my heart rate and I even broke out into a light sweat. It felt so good and energising, as if I had been out for walk and had a massage all in one.  

There are so many benefits to yoga, particularly for me as a late-in-life runner and as a woman in her mid-fifties.  It helps, with mobility, flexibility, strength and quite importantly mindfulness.  

It’s hard to be consistent. So, for January, I am going to commit to at least 10 minutes of yoga a day, particularly in the morning, to get my day started positively. With so many tutorials available online, it’s easy to do yoga flows at home, when the days are shorter and darker making it less appealing to go outside to exercise. I am actually hoping that it will allow me to gradually make it a part of my everyday routine.

My swim story

Nominated by: REDer Annie

Goal: To swim at least three times a week

Statistics share that 95% of black adults and 80% of black children do not swim in England. I was, until only recently part of these statistics! My vivid memory was being awarded my 5 metre badge at school, and then that’s where my swim journey ended.  The affect of water on my skin and hair had a HUGE part to play on this decision.

40 years later, I wanted to learn to swim, with confidence and freedom. So committed to swimming at least three times a week as part of RED Janaury. The benefits have been massive and I would summarise it as the ‘ultimate all in one fitness package’ because it improves your physical, mental and emotional well-being. 26 weeks later of committing to this, I completed my first sprint triathlon! I mastered a 750m swim in open water!!! I’m continuing this commitment into RED January 2024!

REDer Annie goes for a swim

Daily walks

Nominated by: REDer Ben

Goal: To walk 10,000 steps a day

I've read so much about how important walking is to both our mental and physical health, but on those colder, rainier days (I live in Manchester!), especially in January, when there's lots of work on, and it gets dark really early, I can very easily not move from a sitting position for most of the day. I'm committing to a personal challenge of walking at least 10,000 steps a day, to help kick-start a habit of daily walking for the rest of the year, and will hopefully be motivated along by my fluffy companion, Bob the dog! 

Rain or shine 30

Nominated by: REDer Jo

Goal: To spend 30mins+ outside each day

Getting outside in the fresh air has been shown to have a really positive impact on our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. However, in the cold, dark and often wet January days we have in the north, it can be difficult to motivate ourselves! So my commitment is to spend at least 30 mins each day outside - a project I started a few years ago as I was healing from an injured knee. I call it Rain or Shine 30!

During the week it may be 3 x 10 mins movement snacks.  At weekends, I’ll enjoy a longer hike, a mini adventure on my paddleboard or include a short dip in the sea. I always try and a 2MinuteBeachClean or litter pick at the same time. I’ll also be continuing my Headstand a Day Until I’m 60 challenge! It takes 2 minutes but brings a lot of joy! 

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Trying indoor climbing

Nominated by: REDer Clinton

Goal: To try indoor climbing for the first time!

I began climbing in 2016. I had decided it was time to battle my then crippling fear of heights. I clearly remember stumbling into my local bouldering gym and signing up for an induction. I enjoyed the physical and mental aspect of climbing. After only a few weeks, I was infatuated with the sport and have been ever since. It is also the wonderful places and personalities I have had the pleasure of meeting that have kept me climbing.

For the next RED January, I'd encourage anyone who's ever been curious about climbing to seek out a bouldering gym near them, and talk to the team there about giving it a go. Trying new sports like this, can have a hugely positive impact on your mental and physical health.

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