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I am taking part in RED January to ...

I’m taking part in RED January 2024, and have set myself a daily movement challenge during one of the toughest months of the year. 

My fitness efforts combined with your support could back movement and mental health projects around the country, so everyone can enjoy the benefits that movement brings. 

Together, we can go the extra mile for others! 

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Not just Running or walking

Thursday 11th Jan
So tonight Anne and I went swimming to get our activity in for the day
8:30-9:30pm so was nice and quiet Managed to get a good few lengths in and have a good chat as well so mightn’t have raised our heart rates too much but was definitely beneficial to our mental health
Hoping to make it a regular weekly event 🤞

Wet, wet, wet

Tuesday 2nd Jan
What a rubbish evening for walking but I still managed one. Hope January isn’t going to be like this everyday
We’re going to need waterproofs and wellies
It is true what they say, getting outside does help to put things into perspective and helps you to think things through, especially after what seemed like the longest first day back at work
Try it and see how you feel x

Day 1

Monday 1st Jan
And we’re off!
Day 1 and I’ve completed one walk. Not a long or difficult one but got out there and made the start
Used the cut through path that’s been closed for the last few years so that was good to know where it comes out. Hope they get the rest of it finished soon so that it really will be a short cut and enable us to go further afield
Ready for Day 2. Just got to fit it in around work and the awful weather report 🤞

Ready, Steady……

Sunday 31st Dec
New Years Eve and there’s lots of chatter about resolutions, well I’m not doing that. I started trying to improve my health and fitness back in July and I’m on my own weight loss journey to be in better health and shape in time for my daughter’s wedding in May. 
This is a different ball game though. 
This is about changing up a gear after the Christmas overindulgence, getting off the settee, not letting the dark and rubbish weather overwhelm me to the point where all I do is work, eat and sleep
So if you feel like you might want to do the same, join me and the team, sign up (it’s free if you’re struggling for cash or donate if you’re able) and get your RED on. More like WED for me as there’s zero chance of me running every day whereas walking every day if absolutely doable
Here we go!!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kimberley Crook