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Love where you live

Sunday 5th Feb

Beautiful scenery

Sunday 5th Feb

Walk with friends

Sunday 5th Feb

Beautiful scenery

Sunday 5th Feb

Beautiful scenery

Sunday 5th Feb

And finally!

Sunday 5th Feb
I’ve completed RED January!
31 days of getting out there and walking no matter the weather, and believe me it’s been tempting not to go with some of the awful weather we’ve had. 
It’s taken me 5 extra days due to a couple of down days after dental treatment and some extremely busy days that I just couldn’t safely fit an outdoor walk in BUT I’ve carried on into February and done it 🎉
I will definitely carry on walking, now I’ve got back into it but it mightn’t be EVERY day
If anyone needs a reason to get up and get out there, just take a look at some of the beautiful scenery we have in our local area. It’s enough to inspire anyone - hopefully
#youcandoit ❤️

Breezy walk in Blackpool

Tuesday 3rd Jan
Perfect place to blow away cobwebs and clock up some kms

Chilly first day

Tuesday 3rd Jan
After spending most of the day recovering on the sofa I finally got my snood on and went out for a wander with Anne and Willow. Just 1.8 miles but it’s a start

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