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We're taking part in RED January!

This January, we’re taking on the RED January challenge to move every day during one of the toughest months of the year.

Together, with RED teams across the country, we’ll be going the extra mile to support ourselves and others.

Come and join our team!

Team Leaderboard


Thank you to our Sponsors


Christine Winterbottom


Fiona Bethell


Liz Smith


Ruth C

Good luck team 😃 Can’t wait to get started!


Emma Walsh


Jen Murphy


Mum & Dad


Deborah Lowe


El Finn

Nice work, Ruth! El & Tommy


Heidi Mohamed


Rob Murray


Sarah Ryan

Ready to journey through space and time whist turning January from blue to red


Annette Hawes


Amy Marshall


Alison Yarwood

Our Team

Team members


Total duration

16 hrs
56 mins