What does the RED in RED January stand for?

January is often seen as a time for new beginnings. It’s why resolutions are so popular - we hope for the changes that we’d like to see in our lives. 

Yet January is also a time when resources can be low, and the isolation brought by shorter, darker days can be hard for many. It’s a struggle for some of us to stay motivated against the reality of daily life. And the impact of this hits resolutions too - research suggests that many of us find it hard to stick to them for longer than a few weeks. 

RED January is designed to support people through January, and challenge the nature of resolutions. 

RED focuses on setting yourself a realistic movement goal for every day in January. A goal that works for you and your lifestyle, and that you have a real chance of continuing throughout the year.

RED also represents a supportive community. People across the UK coming together to empower each other. To help people they know to overcome any lower mood and energy they may be experiencing, or to spread the word about the benefits of daily activity. To support others by raising funds for movement and mental health projects around the country.

That’s why the letters in RED stand for 'Rise Every Day'.

It's about each of us getting up every day to meet those personal goals, as part of a nationwide community. 

A RED team running together

In surveys, over 70% of the RED community said they were likely to continue the healthy physical activity habits that they formed in January if given support to do so. 

And in part, we each can provide that support for others we know. Our connections are some of the most powerful sources of encouragement we can have. Even the mere act of talking about your reasons for taking part, can help to inspire others.  

Any activity counts - some REDers aim to complete ten press ups a day, and some REDers train for marathons - it all counts. 

As long as it’s an important, achievable goal for you, that’s Rise Every Day January. 

So whether you’re enjoying some gentle competition as part of a RED team, or taking part as an individual, sharing your experiences with others across social media - by getting involved you’re helping to start healthy habits that will support you all year round. 


It doesn’t matter how we move, it matters that we rise to move. 

We rise, with purpose, to create positive change.

We Rise Every Day, together.

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