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My movement goal is... run, strength train and yoga throughout January

This January, I'll be challenging myself to get active every day as part of the RED community.

Together, with REDers across the country, I'll be going the extra mile to support myself and others by raising funds for Sport in Mind.

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I’m not just going for a jog

Wednesday 28th Dec

When I lace up my trainers my husband often asks “Are you going for a jog?” 

It’s so much more than a “jog”! Running is a key part of my mental health management (not the only part!). It’s the time when I’m just Mel, not mum, wife or all the other hats I juggle daily.

Running is my opportunity to clear my mind, arrange my thoughts and talk to God. 

I love running in nature, the sheer vastness always puts my challenges into perspective.

2022 was a particularly tough year for me. I lost my beloved mum to cancer, after a long battle - running helped me to keep putting one foot in-front of the other and not lose my temper (too much!).

I’m looking forward to Red January, to moving every day and feeling the mental and physical benefits.

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