Ideas to boost your fundraising

Here are some of our favourite ways to get those donations rolling in, supporting important movement and mental health projects across the UK.

Donate to yourself

Kick start your fundraising with a donation to yourself - it will show your friends, family and colleagues how much you care about the cause and encourage them to donate!
Winter run

Sunday share

If you’ve done some activity on the weekend, post a picture on your fundraising page and share it across social and email with your friends and the office. Don’t be shy - the highest fundraisers share their fundraising page on social media every day!

Auction of promises

How about auctioning off some good deeds for the highest donation offers? Dog walking, gardening or car washing around your neighbourhood? Or perhaps coffee and tea duty or fetching people’s lunches at the office? 

Get your office involved

Add your fundraising page to your email signature to spread the word with your work network. Share it on your LinkedIn or internal comms channels, like Slack.  

Bake sale

Have a bake sale and sell some tasty treats for donations then add them to your fundraising page.

Gaming night

Host a gaming tournament, it could be board games, video games, or even outdoor games. Charge a donation entry fee and add it to your total.

Film night

How about a change of pace with a relaxed film night at home - just charge your friends a small entrance fee to come along and add the donations to your fundraising page. 

Yes day

Feeling bold? You could offer to say “yes” to everything for a day for a donation for each one? You could do this with your friends or in the office to take on those tasks no one else wants to do. 

Sponsored days

Make it easy for people to donate by sharing your fundraising page and asking them to sponsor you a certain amount per activity day. Like a 2024 version of a sponsored silence at school! 


How about encouraging donations with a promise to take part with a shaved head, a radical new look or dyeing your hair in a bright colour (RED could work!)? 

Jumble sale

Declutter your home and sell what you don’t need to boost your fundraising. Host at home, go to a car boot sale or even post it online and add to your fundraising.

Office fundraising day

This could be anything from being the coffee/breakfast delivery person to office sports, bake sales or getting donations for making teas and coffees all week. Then add it all to your fundraising total. 

Local media

Why not approach your local newspaper or radio station and tell them about why you’re doing RED January and raising funds.

Keep posting

About a quarter of people don’t donate as they either forget or didn’t have time when asked. So don’t be shy about frequently posting your fundraising page

Finish strong

Lots of donations come in as RED January ends so make sure you’re sharing your fundraising page every day and post a picture of you finishing your month to showcase your great achievements and remind people to donate.