Let's get walking and talking

As we move towards 10 years of RED January, we’ve been exploring ways to bring communities together across the country to embrace what has been at the heart of RED since 2015; movement and connection. For Mental Health Awareness Week we’re proud to launch our ‘Let's Get Walking and Talking’ campaign. 
Two REDers walking and talking for their mental health

What does the latest research say?

Research shows that walking and talking with friends, family, or colleagues side-by-side, as opposed to face-to-face, can enable people to share their experiences more openly. 

Together with our community of partners and supporters, we’re encouraging encouraging everyone to pledge at least one supportive mental health conversation, and foster a heathy habit, by providing all the resources you need for a wellbeing walk-and-talk.

If you'd like to get behind our campaign to get everyone walking and talking, get in touch - we'd love to hear your ideas.

Side-by-side with Ordnance Survey

Discover walks in your local area, get inspired with walking resources and ideas, and download your exclusive REDer discount on the popular OS Maps app.

REDers walk and talk in their local woodland, backed by Ordnance Survey

Win the chance for your friends, family or workplace to experience a Mind Over Mountains wellbeing walk.

Mind Over Mountains are the experts of restoring mental health, naturally.

As a charity offering professional mental fitness support, bringing together walking in nature, mindfulness and time with experienced coaches and counsellors - in an unhurried, unpressured setting - they're well-practiced at providing bespoke support to groups, teams and organisations.

Enter this competition for a chance of winning a guided wellbeing walk and talk.
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Two REDers benefiting from a positive mental health conversation

How to have a supportive mental health conversation

Our friends at Mental Health UK have put together a guide on how to have a supportive mental health conversation. Including recommendations around factoring in your environment when preparing for a conversation, and how you can use movement as a means to promote a more honest chat.

Bring walking and talking to work with Decathlon UK

"Employers are in a unique position to positively influence change that encourages and enables employees to be more active during the day and we urge other businesses to join us in supporting their wellbeing." - Delphine Mazillier, Decathlon UK’s Head of CSR

With one recent report finding that getting the nation’s workforce physically active could benefit the UK economy by up to £17bn a year, we strongly believe it’s time for all businesses to help transform the mental wellbeing of UK workers.

We've recently worked with Decathlon UK to introduce movement breaks to their offices, and with Pilates At Your Desk to provide free desk-based exercises.

How to Conduct a Moving Meeting

How to Conduct a Moving Meeting

A guide to conducting a moving meeting, from our partners at Decathlon UK.


How to build positive habits into your life

We talk to Amy Huskisson, Mental Health and Wellbeing Specialist, Director of AV Wellbeing, and REDer, about building positive and healthy habits. 

REDers supporting each other on a Mind Over Mountains walk

Real stories: how walking and talking has changed REDers' lives

Hear from REDer Ian, and his family and friends, about the huge impact walking conversations have had on their lives. 

Find more movement opportunities near you

We always encourage people to embrace movement they enjoy, so if walking isn’t your thing, search our Activity Finder for other movement and connection opportunities in your local area.